12-Year-Old Girl is a Genius

Let’s take a collective “holy shit” moment and appreciate the fact that a twelve-year-old has recently managed to score a full two points higher on the IQ test than both Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Yeah, you read that right- a twelve-year-old is more of a genius than the two most well known brilliant dudes in existence EVER. 

This little genius is a girl (woo!) from the UK named Olivia Manning. Her IQ score of 162 has landed her the label “genius” and instant fame, as well as admittance into the prestigious international high IQ society, Mensa, where she can work with other bright minds to actualize her potential.

Still not impressed? She is in the top 1% of the smartest people in the world. As a  TWELVE-year-old. Comparatively, the average score on the IQ test is 100, a sum that seems paltry next to Olivia’s 162. Smart girl! 

Photo cred. Daily Mail

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