109 Days, 12 Hours, 11 Minutes to Go! or Things to Think About While You're Counting Down


Election time is just around the corner (that or the rest of us are just eagerly anticipating when it actually is) so I thought I would post a few links today on getting to know your candidates on a somewhat under reported aspect - their stances on women's rights.  

Read more for helpful (in my opinion anyway) links.

Helpful John McCain links: 

McCain's Views on Choice  

McCain's Views on Domestic Violence 

America Blog: McCain  

ABC News: McCain  

Not entirely McCain related but it amused me.  


Helpful team Obama* links:

Alternet: Obama on Reproductive Justice  

Obama Comments on Third Term  

The Independent: Rupet Cornwell

Obama on the Senate Website 

* anyone else question why we're presented with Michelle Obama as a strong reason to vote for or against her husband but how we don't seem to hear so much about Cindy McCain?

 And let's not forget to give Ol' Georgie boy a good send off as well in a brief look at blasts from the pasts as well as at some present day links for the everyones' favorite straight shooting Washington outsider:

The Truth About George 

however then theres, Bush on Women

and who could forget,  Bush Taking Action

and then there's this little gem as well!  Safegate: Bush 

Ugh. I need to stop as I don't have the time to post all of these and you guys don't have the time to read them. But I'll at least bring us up to date with Pro-choice America. Hope this was somewhat helpful. Happy voting, guys! 

- jen the intern 

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