10 Lady Celebs Caught on Video Before they were Famous!

They say what goes on the internet stays on the internet, and it's true: the stars of today were the dorks of yesterday, making silly videos of themselves and posting them to youtube only to have them haunt them for the rest of their days. As for those who were around before youtube, well, their videos have been posted there by other helpful celebrity sleuths. Here are our top 10 favorites, featuring some of our favorite lady celebs.


1.  Kat Dennings' video blog from 2006!  


2. Madonna auditions for Fame, the TV Show, in 1982!


3. Scarlett Johanssen in 1993


4. Lady Gaga in performance at NYU as Stephanie Germonatta in 2005


5. Nathalie Portman Auditioning for the role of Mathilda


6. Angelina Jolie dressed as a nun in 6th grade!


7. Ke$ha long before the $ sign in 2000


8. Beyonce on Star Search in 1993


9. Kristen Wiig in 2006


10. Tina Fey in a Horrible Bank Commercial!

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