10 Fabulously Retro Pics of 70s College Girls

We're loving the fashions in these 1970s-era pictures of students at Brooklyn's Saint Joseph's College, which Flavorpill posted recently. 



Many of the styles look pretty similar to the ones ladies are sporting today, like the large black-rimmed glasses, pea coats, button downs, and belted waists.  In fact, there are probably awesomely stylish girls dressed like this walking around Brooklyn right now. 



There are also quintessentially 70s plaids, vests, flares, and jumpers (most likely made out of wonderful heavy polyester). We're wishing we could locate the thrift store where these ladies inevitably dumped these "outdated" outfits, so we could snap them up for ourselves.





Check out the rest of the pics here

All photos via flavorpill.com

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