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literature life


A site for lovers of the book in all its fun forms, by a serious reader and writer. features book and lit reviews, book news, a podcast on lit life with interviews. a must for anyone who loves reading



A norwegian womens magazine on net. Quite like Bust actually.

MOTTO...words to live by for the time being (A Postcard...


MOTTO (www.postmotto.com) words to live by for the time being... the phrase that fits the complementary collection the horoscope alternative mot.to 1. A brief statement used to express a principle, goal or ideal 2. A sentence, phrase or word of ...

Papercut Zine Library


we're a free lending library of zines and other independent media located in the boston area.

Pop Culture Librarian


It's me, my friends, my fashions, my librarian powers, my pop culture obsessions. Come visit.

PunkRockFeminism Zine


A german PunkRock Feminism Zine

Richmond Zine Fest


The second annual/2008 Richmond Zine Fest will be held Saturday, October 11th at the Gay Community Center of Richmond! There will be zinesters galore, as well as readings and workshops!



what i am and what i do

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books


The best in romance reviews- plus snark, lots of snark, and dirty words.

Sour Grapes Zine


SourGrapes zine is a zine of substance. We believe in supporting local art and building your community! We strive to bring our readers new inventive ideas, culture, and positive lifestyles through D.I.Y ethics and community involvement.

spine distro


a zine distro out of newcastle australia. carrying local zines, comics, patches, and postcards, as well as the popular internationals.

TAP Magazine


TAP is a magazine about style, music, culture, and poetry! TAP was founded in April 2009 by Geneva Gleason. TAP is currently published monthly and has a following of subscribers and readers nationwide.

Teen Reads


The best place to find book reviews and authors and stuff for young reading divas---and older ones who think young too.



There's a first time for everything... Tenderfoot is a compilation (print) zine about firsts. Come take a look!

The Beltane Papers: A Journal of Women's Mysteries


Focused on Women's Mysteries and Goddess spirituality, but inclusive of all women's spiritual paths, our magazine is published by an all volunteer, feminist, egalitarian group of women who work out of their homes from Coast to Coast in the USA, as a consc ...

The Book of Zines


A comprehensive guide to e-zine resources online, including tips for doing your own and interviews with 65+ zine editors. The book includes several delicious excerpts from Bust.

The ChickenFish Speaks


The digital phoenix which has risen out of the newsprint ashes of what was once known as Mutant Renegade Zine, The ChickenFish Speaks is a music/humor/informational zine filled with white trash attitude.

The Circle Of Friends


Encouragement, hope & dream-building from a spunky author! (Overly optimistic, occasionally naive, and one determined redhead!) Become a part of The Circle of Friends today and get spunked!!