Get ready for a long weekend, BUSTies! Many offices and workplaces around the country will close on Monday for Memorial Day, a holiday commemorating fallen service men and women. This holiday, along with honoring the millions that have died for our country, marks the impromptu start of summer. Though the season doesn’t officially start until June 20th this year, Monday heralds the imminence of those hazy, lazy days of summer: days full of beach trips, cocktails, outdoor concerts, roof parties, and (my favorite!) picnics.

In honor of the season’s approach, we’ve compiled everything you need for the perfect Memorial Day picnic. Get to planning! Or, in the summer tradition, just go with the flow.

The perfect dress can make or break a picnic. It needs to be long enough to sit on the ground in, breathable enough for what may be sweltering heat, forgiving enough to accommodate a hot dog or two, and most of all: adorable.
These four picks (in a patriotic color palette, too!) accomplish all of the above:

Top Left: Forever 21, S-M-L, $22.80
Top Right: ModCloth, XS-XL, $74.99
Bottom Left: Topshop, 2-12, $96.00
Bottom Right: Torrid, 1-4, $48.50


As for picnic essentials, these vintage and homemade steals on Etsy can serve as your inspiration, and they’re proof that retro and custom goodies don’t have to cost a pretty penny.

Top Left: Waterproof Picnic Blanket, Etsy, $125
Top Right: Set of Nine Wicker Paper Plate Holders, Etsy, $19.99
Bottom: Vintage Picnic Basket, Etsy, $14


To finish off your affair, try these two lemonade recipes from Smitten Kitchen, cooking goddess extraordinaire Deb.

Watermelon Lemonade
Vermontucky Lemonade (for the boozin’ BUSTies)


Happy Picnic-ing, BUSTies! Your fete will surely be the toast of the town.

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