Yoko Ono's newest video for her track "Bad Dancer" is what all music videos should aspire to be: part funky-fresh music, part all-star dance-party, part totally WTF-worthy. It's essentially what would happen if a bunch of kickass musicians got together for a high school art project. 

In the clip, she and her crew--featuring Ira Glass, Questlove, and Roberta Flack among others--get weird in what appears to be Andy Warhol's Factory (but without cocaine on everything). These sequin and tin-foil laden scenes alternate with Yoko, sporting a super-fierce catsuit, painting a giant canvas with carefree strokes. I get the feeling that's what she would have been doing anyway, even if no one was there to film it. 

The song itself is somewhat bittersweet: it was mixed by Ad Rock and Mike D of the Beastie Boys and is the first piece the pair has publicly collaborated on since the death of MCA last year. The two appear in the video and are as goofy as ever.

Most importantly, though, is this confession I must now make: I am disagreeing with Yoko Ono for the first time in my life. In the song, she proclaims the title like a mantra: "I'm a bad dancer!" I gotta say, Yoko, I hope you mean "bad" in a Michael Jackson way because you are an awesome dancer.

Watch it below!


Thanks to Rolling Stone / Yoko Ono.

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