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Stephanie Rhiannon Bird


Adventure, Art, Beauty, Blog, Books, Community, Craft, Dance, Fine Art, Gallery, Handmade, Intentional Communities, Intentional Community, Literature, Living Foods, Locavore, Luxury, Magazines, Making it, Meditation, Money, Movement, Organics, Photography ...

Sylvia Day | Erotic Author - Blog


Sylvia Day is the multi-published author of highly sensual and erotic romantic fiction...bringing your fantasies to life...

Tempi duri I Vampiri


The Mary Pictford of the Undead, on the crimson liquid slimfast diet.

That which does not kill


This is not a blog for the faint hearted, for the stories within it are delivered without any form of protective shield or sugar coating. The depravity is horrifyingly descriptive, the heartache and longing is unabashed, and the counterbalance of hope an ...

the dreaming god's realm


a small collection of yaoi-ish fiction and fanfiction, both in english and italian, plus small comic stripes.

The Egalitarian Bookworm Chick


Unpretentious book reviews, left-wing media criticism, ranting and and obsession with 19th century novels of manners on film.

The Glamorous Snowdrop


A collection of rubbish, nonsense, cute stuff, thingamajigs, blah blahing and funny ha ha a-plenty from UK writer and comic, Ruby Mae James. "Absolute rubbish!" - Ruby Mae's Mother. "Mummy, make the bad lady stop, she is hurting my brain ...



Writing, reading and living in northern California. With the occasional nod to my newf puppy, ocean obsession, man-eating sharks, etc.

What do you do?


It would be lovely if you'd join me as I blog about life, books, some really great TV and of course, all manner of existential dilemmas, like: why can't I be Lorelei Gilmore when I grow up?

Writing for Strangers


Anyone with a taste for the dark side will love this blog, where rising lit star Vanessa Fernando practices baring it all through words.

Writing In The Mountains


opinions on everything from motherhood, writing, daily news, anything else that catches my curious eyes.

Writing, or Just Typing


The Continuing Adventure of Our Heroine



Karin's Art, a journal she should update more often, various writings and some random stuff. Watch for rollovers...

x Fancy Claps + ♥


poetry with a tinge of feminism and just a hint of angst...

Yummy Meat


kind of like experimental fiction/philosophy/poetry/my journal.

[from fuck-up to] fab!*


Send up life survival strategy and life on the road.