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Ekere Tallie's Site


An introduction to a Black, womanist, writing, free-spirit and her art. Features a link to MP3's where you can hear four poems.

Elizabeth's Poetry Pages


My site is dedicated to a short collection of my original poetry. I am a college student and freelance poet, and I hope to be able to express my thoughts and ideas to others through my work and receive helpful feedback. Also contains a page of moneymaking ...

Exclusive Love and friendship Quotes at Latestngreatest


Features a huge collection of inspirational quotes on love and friendship

Footsteps in the Dark zine blog


This is a digital version of the paper zine Footsteps in the Dark, which I've been writing for several years now. I'm hoping this site will give me impetus to update more regularly and share my writing with more people. footsteps in the dark is a per-zi ...

French Vanilla Ice Cream & French Kisses


The scoop on my writing... clean and dirty, sweet and spicy, chocolate and vanilla.

Frequently Wrong But Never In Doubt


The musings of a mother of two toddlers, her artistic views and maybe an ocassional rant on life! All with a definate love of crazy quilting, children, working at home and generally loving life!!



Music musings & reviews, returning to college, film, friends, travel, & life in general.

Goodbye, Blue Monday


Sometimes introspective, sometimes observational entries about college/ what I'm learning/ humor/ my poetry/ the writing process...anything goes, really.

Haiku By Two


A small poem posted daily by one of two friends. Alison Kehler and Kelly Westhoff take turns posting original haiku. Reviews of haiku-themed products, interviews with haiku authors and guest haiku writers.

Haiku Venue


Ramblings of a 40 something, biker chick, singer and lover of life! I've been a Customer Service Agent for local government ForEver, I'm a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and a Motorcycle Safety Instructor. Every day I'm amazed and thrilled by the ...

Haley Madison Mag


Haley • Madison • Mag -noun 1. an online magazine for women 22-40 years old- focusing on “a practical approach to fashion, health and beauty.” 2. descriptive, down-to-earth and entertaining content. Featuring "Ask the Guy " column- women can ask ou ...

I Can Make Life


I Can Make Life is a collection of 30 poems chronicling the poet's long journey to have her son -- and to find peace. The collection explores the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual impact of fertility treatments, pregnancy, miscarriage, an ...


I'm Just Saying


Humor essayist and and co-author of the humor book, BarCode (Conari Press), Wendy deals with daily drama by digging out the funny parts, and pretending the rest never happened.

It's Not Chick Porn!


Who reads romance novels? Your mom, your grandma, your sister, your aunts, your English teacher, the "sensitive" guy you hung out with in high school, the hot chick who lives down the hall, the First Lady of the United States (okay, I'm making that up... ...

Jennifer Lisa Vest


Poetry site for poet Jennifer Lisa Vest



written monologues, poetry, etc, etc.



poetry and short stories based on reality from a detroiter living in zurich.



Kimmiland is a personal portfolio of sorts, a place where I can reinvent and discover myself over and over again.



Jennifer Kollmer, SF-based playwright and screenwriter. Check out my work, some helpful hints, and the occasional rant.