Monique Jones Freelance

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I have a working knowledge of journalism, AP and Chicago styles. My credentials, which can be viewed on my writing experience page, includes freelance writing for Zeekee Interactive, writing for the University of Alabama at Birmingham publications Kaleidoscope and Phoenix, and writing entertainment articles for my site, Moniqueblog. My writing specialty is in entertainment, specifically how American and other cultures can be viewed and studied through comics, books, movies, and cartoons. I also specialize in movie reviews, movie analysis, and interviews with popular figures in entertainment, including people from Nickelodeon, Disney, and Paramount. My services are also available for copy or ghost writing, including: *Copy and content for business websites including, but not limited to, introduction paragraphs, body copy, promotional articles for or similar sites, etc. *Corporate copy/content: brochures, promotional material, pamphlets, newsletters *Entertainment articles and columns for distribution for magazines, newspapers, and online publication: movies, television, cartoons, Archie Comics *Movie reviews for distribution for magazines, newspapers, and online publication Please explore my site and read samples of my work. Thank you for visiting!