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Feminist poet Anne Marie Rooney's writing all over the web. Killer.

100 Proof


small, intoxicating stories



Five frames + zero words = one story, every week



80% my designs, 80% my journal. see for yourself.

adventures in blah blah land


poetry, sex, art, drinking, photography, skin, philosophy & the meaning of life, learning, working, self-destruction you know, how it is to be in your mid twenties.

Alison's shameless self promotion


just because it's trashy doesn't mean it isn't good

Allida's Poetry, Musings, Reviews, Handmade Jewelry


This is my blog where I post my poetry, musings, reviews, and my best handmade jewelry. I am a very poor young woman living like a bum and dedicated to art. I have no job and support myself through what I make. I am Eco conscious have no car and use recyc ...

Angrypirate: An Artist Blog


Alanna Spence is a San Francisco artist pursuing a BFA in painting/drawing from CCA. She keeps a daily weblog of her trials and tribulations trying to balance a career with returning to school. She works in Encaustics and Oils and participates in Artspan ...

Anna's H~E~R~S~T~O~R~Y


Evocative essays about agency, location, memory and the liminal space between south asian and american culture.

Apricots & Elephants


Short Stories & fiction, & more short stories & more fiction...

Aradia B: the beatnik Pagan poet


a writer, activist, priestess, and poetess from the DC area. My primary interests include interfaith education awareness, healing studies and poetry. The daily posts on this journal focus on religious liberty issues, especially relating to Wiccan, Paga ...

Auspen, indie novella by Heather Rose


Heather Rose, subversive feminist cheerleader and creator of the grrrl power zine Riot Gone Rose, is currently working on her first novella, Auspen, here's where you can read it for free, chapter by chapter.

Bella Rossa: A Writer's Blog


Chicago, comedy, science fiction, pop culture junk, random online weirdness, and real life.

Beth's Urban Tales of Wonder & Decay


A collection of memoir-based essays precariously bordering on the absurd and sometimes falling into the sublime.

Beth's Urban Tales of Wonder & Decay


A compilation of memoir-based essays. David Sedaris meets Sex and the City.

Beyond You and Me


Novel-in-blog form about Cassie DiMarco and her erotic adventures. Figuring herself out, one lover at a time (and sometimes more than one at a time).

Birdsword Poetry


Poetry in the land of my life

Book Travellers Inc.


Books Travellers is the blog of Pia and Julie, two french girls who can't live without books & plane tickets. They review books, but also interview people, and document their best findings (books, bookstores, places to read...).

Brave Girl Studio


Website for my zines, and other projects I create or help with.