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A lifestyle magazine for Asian-Canadian women (launching Fall 2003)

Lifestyle, Cultura, Networking y Mas!


SupaSistaLatina is a network, event promotion and online lifestyle destination for the mulitcultural ambitious Latina. Based in the San Francisco-Bay Area, SupaSistaLatina will provide relevant lifestyle and cultural content in addition to hosting quality ...

Making Face, Making Soul


Hip page with poetry, bibliographies and some great links to other spots on the web where chicanas hang out.



another flaming filipino/chicano revolutionary two spirit pervert's blog, in which the writer struggles to reap small bits of truth, love, and relevance from a mindscape overgrown with pop culture, hip hop below and above ground, bad lesbo/gay porn, a chi ...



Misma provides Latina perspective on pop culture, style, news, and politics. We love to hear from our readers.

Mommy Too


The first web magazine for stay-at-home and home school mothers of color.

Ojibway Migisi Bineshii


This blog offers news and information about Aboriginal, First Nations, Indigenous and Native people worldwide. A main focus of this blog is on women and healing within the people, tribes and communities. Also, short stories and poetry are expressed by O ...

The Big Bad Chinese Mama


Ass kicking anti-geishas, mail order brides from hell, and what Hello Kitty was thinking all these years under the mouthless/speechless facade of "cuteness." Log on to "www.bigbadchinesemama.com"-- where the Asian American womanrant has just begun. ...

The Real Women Project


we both provide necessary and useful resources for women and health. Our goal is to create an "Epidemic of Health", through various mediums that the Real Women Project offers.

The Savvy Sista


This site was created to educate and share knowledge with women of color on a variety of issues that may affect their everyday life. The premise of this site is to share knowledge on a variety of issues ranging from Current Events, Fashion, Politics, etc ...

Top Sista Sites


A viewer-rated web list for women of color by women of color.

weBEgirls - Not just another pretty space


This will become your new fave site! We're good at bringing girls together who love to lol and be a little sassy...It's advice, stories, tips and articles on all things girl. Be one of the 150,000 to join us as our community grows. Read about current is ...