Webcomics of the Girl-Kind

By Alison Berry in Arts

Like many people who frequently frequent the interwebs I have a long list of bookmarked websites that I visit daily. A good portion of these websites are webcomics. 

So here are some awesome woman-made visual literacy chock full of wit, humor and a bit of naughtiness to stimulate (or melt) your brain. 


Image by Kate Beaton

Hark! A Vagrant! by Kate Beaton.

Silly historical comics and other nonsensical things. Super sweet if you like historical fashion and making fun of historical and literary figures. Updated every week.


Image by Mary Magdalene





Curvy by Mary Magdalene

A sexy sci-fi adventure comic for adults. Anaïs, a regular girl living in New York has her world turned upside down when she runs into Fauna, Despoina of Candy world. Super sexy adventures ensue where ever they go! NSFW. Updated every Saturday.


Image by Natalie Dee







Natalie Dee by Natalie Dee.

This one frame comic is full of wonderful sarcasm and general wisecracking type nonsense. Updated daily. 


Check them out. :)

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