THE EDITOR, A Blogging Planner

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THE EDITOR™ is a “headquarters” for everything blog-related: important URLs, post ideas and management, tracking featured products, calculating blog generated income and related expenses, inspirations, sources, managing contests & giveaways, and more. Designed to keep bloggers’ editorial and publishing tasks organized, THE EDITOR™ tracks idea to published post and beyond. The blank date fields are filled in by the blogger, allowing them to manage up to a full year of posts, or, only the days, weeks or months they want. Inside THE EDITOR™ bloggers will find:  THE EDITOR’ Page for their notes and important URLs.  Bulletin Boards – monthly, for inspirations, to do lists and reminders.  Editorial Calendars – monthly, with sections for important dates and post ideas.  Post Manager pages – weekly, to manage daily posts, sources, permalinks & more.  Product Log pages to easily track the incoming & outgoing of featured products.  Revenue Tracker pages to calculate blog generated income monthly & quarterly.  & much more. THE EDITOR™ can be purchased at