Web Comic Reminds Us Not To Live In Fear When Traveling Alone

“Well-behaved women seldom make history” is a tale as old as time. This can be applied to women traveling and making independent, wayward decisions. We’ve all been told not to walk alone at night, to avoid strangers, to keep ourselves safe and protected because the world is full of danger! I’m not suggesting that it isn’t full of danger…I’m just saying it is not our burden to live in fear. 

It isn’t the 18th century and we can live strong, well-traveled lives. Illustrator and comic writer, Natalie Nourigat, was fed up with restricting herself from exploring the world and began traveling. Thankfully, she has created an ongoing web comic called “Home Is Where The Internet Is” to record her Eurotrip. 

This comic acknowledges social stigmas and combats the fear instilled in all of us from a young age. By overcoming and illustrating her fears, Natalie teaches us that we absolutely should follow her lead and live a lil’ before we all die! You can see the rest of Natalie's work here


Images Courtesy of Natalie Nourigat

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