Lisa Kirchner
Lisa Kirchner
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01/30/2012 09:58:21Those Bitches Must Be Crazy
07/13/2011 12:55:01Stupid New Milk Campaign Targets Lady Troubles
02/28/2011 09:36:59Loving on David Carr for Getting the Real Sheen Hypocrisy
01/11/2011 10:14:51Tears Turn Men Off But Fail to Make Them Care
12/08/2010 14:26:32Oprah, why the tears?
11/05/2010 11:47:13Michele Carlo Tells the Story of Her Life
09/06/2010 08:03:49Would You Rather Be Right Or Happy? Wendy Shanker's Tale Of Two Lifestyles.
09/03/2010 07:10:30Girl With Dragons & Fires & Hornets, Oh My
08/25/2010 14:36:08Dinner with the Palins: Snaps to Bristol!
08/19/2010 16:45:31FRINGE FEST 2010: Beautyschooled!
08/12/2010 08:49:20Dinner at the Palin's House: Part II
08/11/2010 13:35:01What it's like to inherit the Cash family legend
08/05/2010 12:31:43Christina Goes Babs on Mimi and Britney–Burlesque!
07/29/2010 20:00:00The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee
07/29/2010 20:00:00Bitch Is the New Black: A Memoir
07/29/2010 20:00:00Elegies for the Brokenhearted: A Novel
07/29/2010 20:00:00The Last Living Slut: Born in Iran, Bred Backstage
07/29/2010 20:00:00Little Girl Blue: The Life of Karen Carpenter
07/29/2010 20:00:00Meatcake
07/29/2010 20:00:00A Night of Long Knives
07/29/2010 20:00:00Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison
07/29/2010 20:00:00Poor Girl Gourmet: Eat in Style on a Bare-Bones Budget
07/29/2010 20:00:00Spent: Memoirs of a Shopping Addict
07/25/2010 01:00:00The Week in Sex Scandals...
07/22/2010 11:39:09Take THAT Katy Perry
07/09/2010 08:29:16Writing a book? Let the self-deprecation begin!
07/08/2010 08:52:26Attention Jezebel dissenters: you're jealous catfighting bitches
07/07/2010 13:53:14Yup. That Jezebel rant on "The Daily Show" was weird.
07/06/2010 14:08:46Dinner at the Palin's House
07/06/2010 10:53:32Fashion as Empowerment @the Met
06/30/2010 12:03:23Yes! There's more than one morning after thanks to new drug.
06/29/2010 15:32:47She & Him @Governor's Island July 4th...FREE!
06/24/2010 09:24:58Can't We All Just Get Along? Hanna Rosin & the Maelstrom
06/22/2010 08:29:18Then and Now: The Past 50 Years for Women in Afghanistan
06/18/2010 07:42:22Lady Viagara Gets the Yes or No Vote Today
06/17/2010 09:20:08In Saudi, You Gotta Fight...For Your Right...Not to Have Rights!
06/17/2010 08:24:35The National Perform at Radio City Music Hall–MORE Men We Love
06/10/2010 08:57:38The Daily Show's Samantha Bee, Not Safe for Children
06/09/2010 16:21:43BUSTing out: Hear Our Sassy Takes @NPR
06/07/2010 01:00:00Sarah Palin: I, Feminist
06/04/2010 11:47:46Anti-Flibanserin: Dumbest Petition Ever
06/01/2010 11:37:28Louise Bourgeois RIP, my hero
05/31/2010 20:00:00Anthropology of an American Girl: A Novel
05/31/2010 20:00:00The Black Girl Next Door: A Memoir
05/31/2010 20:00:00Forget Sorrow: An Ancestral Tale
05/31/2010 20:00:00Girl Power: The Nineties Revolution in Music
05/31/2010 20:00:00I Know I Am, But What Are You?
05/31/2010 20:00:00If You Follow Me: A Novel
05/31/2010 20:00:00Molly Fox's Birthday
05/31/2010 20:00:00Nomad: From Islam to America: A Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilizations
05/31/2010 20:00:00Still Life: Adventures in Taxidermy
05/31/2010 20:00:00Unlovable, Vol. 2
05/31/2010 20:00:00Brothers
05/31/2010 20:00:00Forgiveness Rock Record
05/31/2010 20:00:00Grey Oceans
05/31/2010 20:00:00Sea of Cowards
05/31/2010 20:00:00Your Future Our Clutter
05/31/2010 20:00:00Pumps!
05/31/2010 20:00:00S/T
05/31/2010 20:00:00No Más
05/31/2010 20:00:00This Is Happening
05/31/2010 20:00:00Nothing Hurts
05/31/2010 20:00:00What We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood
05/31/2010 20:00:00Art School Girls
05/31/2010 20:00:00Inter-Be
05/31/2010 20:00:00Sister Kinderhook
05/31/2010 20:00:00We Are Born
05/31/2010 20:00:00Baby Ouh!
05/31/2010 20:00:00No Snare
05/31/2010 20:00:00Love and Its Opposite
05/31/2010 20:00:00Maniac Meat
05/31/2010 20:00:00Stridulum
05/29/2010 10:40:01Sex & the City 2 – Surprisingly Delicious
05/28/2010 09:01:33Julia Sweeney has 'the talk' with her daughter
05/21/2010 08:23:26Veiling--What Would Lady Gaga Do?
05/20/2010 13:59:36Hear BUST's Emily Rems on this Summer's TV Lineup
05/14/2010 14:24:30If it's not one thing it's your mother...
05/12/2010 17:51:51Roller Derby on TV - Tonight!
05/11/2010 14:34:20Daria's back!
05/04/2010 13:09:15Sex & the City Chicks in a Middle Eastern(ish) Desert. Whoo!
05/04/2010 11:37:52Paid for TV: First Response Encourages Pregnancy on TLC
04/27/2010 22:20:16Abortion seekers in Oklahoma kill (future) police officers!
04/27/2010 14:30:27Wife Takes Care of the Sex!
04/27/2010 12:06:49Food, Music & Sexy Tats...
04/22/2010 13:13:55Bea Arthur & PETA. Why the hate?
04/22/2010 11:41:56BUST-ed: Network bans curvy lingerie ads
04/20/2010 17:39:30Seduce Me! Now. Playing. On TV.
04/20/2010 13:33:25Paris is Burning Still on Fire...
04/20/2010 11:44:06Hey, you! Get offa my teat!
04/16/2010 09:40:25Thanks heavens for little girls...
04/15/2010 12:21:50Oops. I did it again.
04/08/2010 16:14:47Barbie--that Girl's Gone Mild!
04/08/2010 15:39:43What she said.
04/08/2010 12:18:01Just Say No... To Women's Health Care!
04/05/2010 20:00:00In The Land Of Believers: An Outsiders Extraordinary Journey Into the Heart of the Evangelical Church
04/05/2010 20:00:00Never Tell Our Business To Strangers: A Memoir
04/05/2010 20:00:00Orion You Came And You Took All My Marbles
04/05/2010 20:00:00Our Lady Of Immaculate Deception
04/05/2010 20:00:00The Tattooed Lady: A History
04/05/2010 20:00:00Just Kids
04/05/2010 20:00:00Best Sex Writing 2010
04/05/2010 20:00:00Best Womens Erotica 2010
04/05/2010 20:00:00Moregasm: Babeland's Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex
04/05/2010 20:00:00Whip Smart: A Memoir
04/05/2010 20:00:00Have One On Me
04/05/2010 20:00:00The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night
04/05/2010 20:00:00Interpreting The Masters Volume I: A Tribute To Daryl Hall And John Oates
04/05/2010 20:00:00Beat The Devil's Tattoo
04/05/2010 20:00:00I Will Be
04/05/2010 20:00:00Suspicious Package
04/05/2010 20:00:00Double Jointer
04/05/2010 20:00:00Head First
04/05/2010 20:00:00Medicine County
04/05/2010 20:00:00Minor Love
04/05/2010 20:00:00One Life Stand
04/05/2010 20:00:00jj n*3
04/05/2010 20:00:00I Learned The Hard Way
04/05/2010 20:00:00Tomorrow, In A Year
04/05/2010 20:00:00Tears, Lies, And Alibis
04/05/2010 20:00:00The Calcination Of Scout Niblett
04/05/2010 20:00:00We Built A Fire
04/05/2010 20:00:00Volume Two
04/05/2010 20:00:00Yeah, So
04/05/2010 20:00:00Amsterdam Showdown King Street Throwdown
04/05/2010 20:00:00Kick
04/05/2010 20:00:00Frauhaus!
04/05/2010 20:00:00Between The Sheets: The Literary Liaisons of Nine 20th-Century Women Writers
04/05/2010 20:00:00Girl In Translation: A Novel
04/05/2010 20:00:00The Hand That First Held Mine
04/05/2010 20:00:00Hotel Iris: A Novel
04/05/2010 20:00:00How To Sew A Button: And Other Nifty Things Your Grandmother Knew
04/05/2010 20:00:00Imperfect Birds: A Novel
03/31/2010 20:00:00Við Og Við
03/31/2010 20:00:00Introducing
03/31/2010 20:00:00To Realize
03/31/2010 20:00:00The Sea
03/31/2010 20:00:00Deluka
03/31/2010 20:00:00Grass Widow
03/31/2010 20:00:00Post-Nothing
03/31/2010 20:00:00Baffled and Beat
03/31/2010 20:00:00Realism
03/31/2010 20:00:00Heave Yer Skeleton
03/31/2010 20:00:00Concrete Jungle
03/31/2010 20:00:00Of the Blue Colour of the Sky
03/31/2010 20:00:00American Gong
03/31/2010 20:00:00Transference
03/31/2010 20:00:00Them Crooked Vultures
03/31/2010 20:00:00Contra
03/31/2010 20:00:00Nippon Girls: Japanese Pop, Beat & Bossa Nova 1966
03/31/2010 20:00:00July Flame
03/31/2010 20:00:00Talking to You, Talking to Me
03/31/2010 20:00:00Dear God, I Hate Myself
03/31/2010 20:00:00Odd Blood
03/30/2010 07:48:04Putting the FEM in WTF…
03/18/2010 18:21:16Elizabeth Allen's disturbing take on Ramona?
03/18/2010 17:40:14I Am an Emotional Creature
03/18/2010 11:38:27Transform THIS! Transgenders host a makeover show.
03/16/2010 18:20:13Change in the Femcare Air... by Elissa Stein
03/16/2010 13:34:11Betty's Back. She's Cleveland?
03/11/2010 15:13:24Betty--Gunning for decades?
11/30/2009 20:00:00Don't Stop
11/30/2009 20:00:00What Will We Be
11/30/2009 20:00:00Love Is Not Pop
11/30/2009 20:00:00Magic Neighbor
11/30/2009 20:00:00Carousel
11/30/2009 20:00:00Tracks and Traces (Reissue)
11/30/2009 20:00:00Midnight Soul Serenade
11/30/2009 20:00:00The Fall
11/30/2009 20:00:00Why You Runnin'
11/30/2009 20:00:00Diamonds & Studs
11/30/2009 20:00:00Psychic Chasms
11/30/2009 20:00:003
11/30/2009 20:00:00Dolly
11/30/2009 20:00:00The Last of the Rock Stars
11/30/2009 20:00:00Colour Me Free
11/30/2009 20:00:00Sainthood
11/30/2009 20:00:00Daptone Gold
11/30/2009 20:00:00Fits
11/30/2009 20:00:00Everyone
11/30/2009 20:00:00XX
Holy Hell
Disconnect From Desire
Warp Riders
Dansette Dansette
Be Yourself: A Tribute to Graham Nash's Songs for Beginners
Crazy for You
13 Most Beautiful: Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests
It'll Be Better
The Long Shadow of the Paper Tiger
Lazers Never Die
Crushes (The Covers Mixtape)
NEU! Vinyl Box


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