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OMG, this video. OMG, I love it. But really, though. Oh My Goodness is a Maine-born experimental hip-hop duo now based in Brooklyn and they've just released their latest video for "OMG OMG." It seems pretty simple: black and white film, just the two of them (Therese Workman and Tyler Wood) performing, nothing too fancy. Then the images get all warped and mirror-y and shit gets realer.

The same idea can be applied to the song. It starts off with a catchy enough chorus and melody, which will most definitely be in your head for the rest of your day. (You're welcome.) But then Workman makes a slick transition into a speedy rap with playful, clever lines ("I feel much better when I sing my song/ 'Go Tell It on the Mountain' but I told it wrong"). Check out the premiere of the vid below!


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