Victoria's Secret Considers Bras Fit for Mastectomy Survivors

The BUSTiest news you’ll hear all day: Allana Maiden and her mother Debbie Barrett will meet with Victoria’s Secret representatives today in order to plead their case for a “Survivor” line of bras for breast cancer survivors. Debbie is a mastectomy survivor who, like many other women in the same position, has trouble finding comfortable, cute bras. On behalf of her mother, Allana created a Change.org petition asking Victoria's Secret to help out. Allana explains, “Many women who undergo mastectomy surgery because of breast cancer suffer from body image issues, it doesn’t help that they don’t have the option of buying the pretty bras they wore before their battle with cancer…I think they deserve to feel beautiful and Victoria’s Secret is the perfect company to help make that happen with a line of “Survivor” mastectomy bras.” The petition garnered over 119,000 supporters, leading to today’s meeting with top Victoria’s Secret executives. Allana and Debbie will bring “Striped Victoria’s Secret shopping bags stuffed with signed petitions.” Hopefully Victoria’s Secret will take advantage of the opportunity to make these women feel comfortable, recognized, and beautiful. 

Allana Maiden and her mother, Debbie Barrett

Images via The Seattle Times and Change.org

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