Unemployment looking up?

...for men. Pfizer just launched a program last week that will provide free medicines for newly unemployed Americans, including Viagra. The new program, MAINTAIN (Medicines Assistance for Those who Are in Need), will focus on helping those who have lost their jobs (and health insurance) recently. Of course they're not handing it out like candy; you have to meet the requirements of eligibility in order to receive the benefits of the company's program.


So, men can get their groove on...what about women? Free birth control, perhaps? I know many who would be grateful for that, and not just for sex; women also benefit from the pill because it puts their irregular cycles on a schedule. Amidst the all-too-easy hard-on comments left by some of the readers of the online news site topix.com, there were some comments worth mentioning. Woody (no pun intended, seriously) from Florida said, 'It would be better if they handed out birth control in the ghetto,' while Jerry from Massachusetts said, 'Sure--give free Viagra to everyone who lost their jobs--then they can have kids and go on welfare!!! Really smart!' What do you think? --Regina

source/info: Pfizer, urbandaddy, topix.com/image via gosmelltheflowers

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