Biracial Cheerios Ad Upsets Internet Idiots

Leave it to racist internet trolls to ruin an innocent, family-friendly commercial.

The source of all the unnecessary controversy is the newest 31-second “Just Checking” commercial brought to you by Cheerios. The premise? It’s as cute and completely uncontroversial as it gets: an adorable girl foils her dad after asking her mom if the cereal is really heart-healthy. The outcome is one messy and awww-worthy moment. Check out the video below.


In the end, it’s not the excessive amount of cuteness or Cheerios that’s making people peeved. The fact that the ad features an interracial couple and their biracial daughter is causing an overt amount of nasty YouTube comments from bigots living under a WiFi-supplying rock. Seriously? Seriously.

Comments include some truly ridiculous thoughts on “race-mixing,” and a lack of “resources, and opportunities for whites” in the future. And don’t forget the always hilarious fear-of-becoming-a-minority-argument. That one always gets a kicker.

Of course, after a slew of hope-devouring comments always comes an outpouring of intelligent, nuanced arguments countering the trolls. Many users are praising the commercial for its portrayal of interracial families in the media, while others basically ate the heads off of their narrow-minded villains.

So, what are your thoughts on this entire hot-tempered hullabaloo? Sad, right? But it’s controversies like these that usually get people talking and—let’s cross our fingers—actually thinking.

Source: Global Grind

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