What’s been missing on TV? More reality shows centered around about people being mean to each other. Yes, having a bad girl or boy that's easy to hate makes for good entertainment. There are loads of scripted shows out there based on revenge, that include pranking; and any story involving love is going to have it’s fair share of drama. But when did we find the need to see the reality of this? Well, the Oxygen Network thinks this is exactly what we were missing.

The Oxygen Network’s new reality show line-up includes shows like Fat Girl Revenge, Find Me a Man, and Propos’d, all seeming to show how rotten girls can be. The premise of Fat Girl Revenge is to follow girls getting payback on the people who made fun of them while they were overweight. Find Me a Man is a dating show based on women who are having trouble finding their ideal husband. And then there is Propos’d, in which men prank their girlfriends before proposing to them because the women nagged too much about wanting to marry. The Oxygen Network programming department seems determined to show women in the worst light possible.

I can understand the good side of what these shows are trying to demonstrate. Girls standing up to the people who once bullied them and made them feel bad, showing people how sometimes they can be their own worst enemies, and yeah, I can’t find the upside to humiliating someone before you give them what they want. But I have a feeling that the good side isn’t what these shows aren’t going to show us. These shows look to perpetuate that mean is good, is fun, and someone else’s misery is entertainment. Drama does make good TV but can’t we leave that to the scripted shows?

Images via twirlit.com, deadline.com, myhealthnews.com.



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