As with Jordan Catalano’s group, "The Frozen Embryos" on the 90s TV show, My So-Called Life, band names don’t necessarily have to make sense. Especially when you’re a teenager-- they’re just another way to express bottled-up angst. 

Although I could stare at pictures of early Mick Jagger all day, I'm less excited by band members than by the bands' names themselves. I just love coming up with names for fictional bands that will likely never exist. For the past couple months, my friends and I have been members of an imaginary band called The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlenecks. We even tried to write lyrics at one point.

That’s why I find the anonymous Twitter account @_mynewband so fun to troll through; every tweet is a different free band name up for grabs. Some are pure genius, like “Drive-Thru Synagouge,” “Dream Skillet,” “Clinical Moonboot,” and “Loco Ono.”  If you have a blasé band name and are looking to break out, I’d suggest checking this Twitter out for a giggle, and perhaps some inspiration.

And although he didn’t tell me personally, I’ll just assume these names would all be Jordan Catalano-approved. What more reason do you need?