Look, Ma! No Hands!

Summer in the city is perfect for bicycle rides to work or to the park. The wind gets all breezy and you’re going so quickly you don’t have to worry about weird extended eye contact with anyone. I didn’t think bike rides could get much better, until I saw Ninian Doff’s short, “A Professional Display of No Handed Bike Moves.” Set to the infectious song “Golden Tree” by Martin Brooks, a few experienced lady and gent cyclists perform a variety of impressive, expressive, and hilarious hands-free gestures. While riding down a dirt road in their summertime clothes, they perform moves dubbed “The Wind Check,” “The MGM Lion,” “The Approaching Squid,” and “The Zombie,” amongst many others. The video also features some awesome fonts and illustrations that go along with each move. Now, if only I could somehow manage to ride hands-free without falling off (à la the video’s perfect and seemingly inevitable ending), then I could really bike in style. Check out the video, below!

[video:https://vimeo.com/29106106 425x344]

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