In March: Wonder-Women of Science Invade Your TV Screen

For all of March, The Smithsonian Channel is putting the spotlight on some of the world’s greatest female scientists. On the channel’s interactive website, they’ve turned stories of inspiring scientists into short comics for your nerdy enjoyment. The comics are just a preview of the shows that will be airing throughout the month of March. These scientists tackle the question of immortality, run with wolves, and travel around the world to learn about rare species, such as flying mammals in Panama, and an exotic leopard known as the Ghost Cat. Can you handle all the brainy excitement? Tune in Sundays at 8pm to The Smithsonian Channel.



Image is from the online comic of Nan Hauser's story, which is described as a young woman's story of diving into her family's rich nautical history, and discovering the link between her life and the lives of whales.




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