In a move that must be doing wonders for sales, Lane Bryant's new lingerie ads have been banned from the airwaves by ABC television. Reps for the company claim that network execs deemed the commercials too sexy to run, which is kind of unbelievable since they've had no qualms showing Victoria's Secret ads in the past. The snowball does get rolling, however, as we learn that Fox News (which had no problem showing the below Victoria's Secret spot) also denied Lane Bryant. WTF?

Here's the Lane Bryant ad:

[video: 425x344]

And the Victoria's Secret ad that no one had a problem with:

[video: 425x344]

And from ABC's own naughty vault:

[video: 425x344]

There can be but one conclusion. BUST-y ladies are truly, truly dangerous.  Unsafe for prime time.*

*Should this seem too flip, please consider. While it is heinous to think that some jagoffs are sitting around a conference room deciding not to show a larger woman in her undies onscreen when they show thin ones all the time, it's not exactly different from EVERYTHING else. What's delicious about this particular twist is the argument itself, that the ad is too sexy.

Will the networks bow to pressure? Will skinny chicks start eating more? Vive La Revolucion!