Somebody please bring me a paper bag, because I’m hyperventilating right now. Why? Because Jennifer Saunders has just released new info regarding the Absolutely Fabulous movie, and it’s big. 

Earlier this year, Saunders confirmed that she had started writing the script for the movie spin-off of her hit sitcom.  She told the press in May that she was angling for the film to be released towards the end of 2015. Just this summer, a new announcement was made.


Saunders has just declared that the entirety of the show’s original cast will reprise their roles in the film adaptation, and hopefully every star who made a cameo appearance in the show’s five-season run.  “I haven’t got the storyline completely sorted out yet,” she said, “but I want to cast everyone who has ever been in the show in it.”  

It’s a tall order, as there was certainly never a shortage of guest-starpower during Ab Fab’s run on the BBC. Some of the many Saunders hopes to bring back for the movie include Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Helena Bonham Carter and Sir Elton John. Can you hear me squealing right now? Because I’m squealing pretty loudly.

Ab Fab was—sorry, IS—one of my favorite sitcoms ever, and nothing pleases me more than to hear that the future is looking up for this movie. Star-studded or not, I can’t wait.