Y’all have been keeping up with Beyoncé’s 10-part HBO series, “BEYONCÉ: X10”, right? If not, it’s only three parts in, so there’s still time to catch up! Just tune into HBO before "True Blood" at 8:55PM on Sundays to see Bey’s perfection in HD. 


In even MORE exciting news, Beyoncé and her husband, Jay Z, have agreed to a third HBO venture, allowing the channel to film their September 12th and 13th Paris shows for your viewing pleasure!  The special will air in September.

A powerhouse couple with 36 Grammys between them, unstoppable success in several music genres, and impeccable performance skills, “On the Run” is nothing short of spectacular.  Each an incredible entertainer in their own right, they come together in their first joint tour for “high-level performance” with a “central theme of love”.

If you’re like me and had trouble scrounging up the cash to see the duo in concert, this is your chance to see Bey and Jay in the comfort of your own home!  Now, what could be better than that? 

Ok, so maybe it might’ve been better to sit in the front row and breathe the same ***flawless air as my queen, but I got 99 problems and money is most of them. Instead, I’m making plans to snuggle up with my comfiest blankets, a bowl of Cheetos, and my best pals while the brilliance of America’s Most Precious Resource washes over us.

Some quality time with my friends, one of my biggest inspirations, and puffed cheese snacks?  Sounds good to me. Does anyone else have plans for The Third HBO Coming of Our Savior?  Leave it in the comments below!


Images via: popsugar beyonce-contour.com, beyonce-legion.com/news/, beyonce-contour.com, gossiponthis.com, www.pinterest.com/shaylaeverett/all-b/, http://society6.com/ameliajude/saint-beyonce#1=45


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