There’s a special place in my heart for comedy that is so true it hurts. We got a taste of it when Lizzy Caplan deadpanned through a magnificent bit about how men can be funny.

Now we’re getting it again with Feminist Bros, a new YouTube duo that voice their opinions on movies on the YouTube channel Citizen Radio. They’re so right on with their assessment of horror films that it’s impossible to watch without cracking a smile. Just to give you a sample, here’s a quote from their video about horror movies:

“Men can cry! I cry all the time. I cried during 'A Walk To Remember'. You know when else I cry? When I see my paycheck that’s more than if a woman was doing the same job that I’m doing.”

Check out these Feminist Bro on their show, Broing Out, if you need a good giggle on this Friday-eve.