Saturday Night Live's, Vanessa Bayer, plays a fake media coach named “Janessa Slater” on a YouTube talk show Sound Advice. Let me tell you, it is freakin’ amazing and I seriously don't know how am I just finding out about this...

Similar to Galifianakis’ comedic talk show, Between Two Ferns, Bayer (or I should say Slater), mocks her guests in a way that only makes herself look bad. Today she has a meeting with Tegan and Sara, tells them that they should switch names and asks them if they have seen the TV show “Sister Sister”. Another highlight has to be when she orders Jack Anotonoff in by yelling “Intern!” and then tells him to “Carrry onnnn”— great fun. reference. Watch the hilarious video below, and other priceless moments from the treasure trove that is Sound Advice

Sound Advice ft. TV On The Radio:

Sound Advice: Gov Ball Part II