In the world of HelloFlo, girls are so excited to get their period that they fake it with glittery red nail polish on a giant maxi pad in order to win the respect of their equally adolescent peers.  

If you’re unfamiliar, HelloFlo is a company that assembles care packages geared toward preteens that are just about to get their period. And they include the works - tampons, pads, and snacks (yes, SNACKS). 

In this little video, a mom lets her daughter knows she is not to be fooled by nail-polished pads and throws her a period party to teach her a lesson. Their super cheeky and hilarious ad totally confronts the menstrual cycle in direct terms that brands like Playtex and Kotex shy away from.

Some choice quotes: 

“Hi, do you make vagina cakes?” 

“Pin the pad on the period!”

“Do you know how hard it is to find a uterus piñata?”

“Your grandpa is bobbing for ovaries like a champ”

Check out the whole hilarious ad below: 


Images via HelloFlo, Fast Cocreate.