Bad Lip Reading is back and as uproarious as ever. 

The first time I watched Twilight I was helping out at a birthday party for 13- year- old girl, so I was without a doubt scarred for life. Robert Patterson was ruined forever.

Thankfully, Bad Lip Reading came to my rescue. This video is the only way I could ever watch 7 minutes of the Twilight series without cringing.

 The clip is full of hilarious lines and even a couple of tambourine song numbers. Some of my favorite moments include Bella’s dad telling her that she has the “record for frowning” and the werewolf dude (blocked his name out: wooh team werewolf dude) telling the pale vampire dude, “Suntan, that’s what you need.”
The song at the end is everything.“Hehe hot potato.”

Just watch it.