I just watched 3 minutes of Ilana Glazer rolling around a floor in bubble wrap and then smashing her face into a cake.

I know you are probably thinking, "Why the hell would you watch that?" Well personally I will watch anything Glazer does, as a huge fan of her Comedy Central show Broad City. The show itself started off as a web series created by Glazer and co-star Abbi Jacobson about two girls living a hysterically real and yet completely absurd life in Brooklyn. Produced by Amy Poehler, Broad City is the love child of Girls and Workaholics that I never knew I needed.

Glazer has been on YouTube under the name Chronic Gamer Girl for the past year sharing hilarious gems, such as an interview with a six year old girl as a talk show host and a tutorial on how to make a bowl of cereal. Ilana Glazer’s newest video, titled “Sex: A Journey of Love” opens on a censored screen-filling shot of a nude Glazer, telling the viewer that you’re “sexy as fuck, dude” and making up statistics about how many people in a 10 mile radius want to bone you. But I won’t spoil the whole video, featured below.

Have any cool lady YouTubers you watch that make you laugh so hard you accidentally snort? Let us know in the comments below!