I might be one of the few millennials still paying for cable instead of Hulu-ing all my faves, but if you are a part of my so yesterday cable club, you might have also noticed that smart girls seem to be appearing in commercials with increasing frequency. 

I noticed this trend after seeing this commercial for Coffee-mate creamer. This little lady shames  a grown-ass man.

1. Coffee-mate Girl Scout Creamer Commercial 


2. GoldieBlox Commercial 

Of course, that commercial made me think about GoldieBlox, and their powerful commercial featuring a ton of smart girls who want toys that utilize their brains more than dolls and dresses do: 

3. Verizon FiOs Commercial 

Then, there is also this gem of a commercial. This girl is a BAMF, and shoves her smarts in her big brothers' face. This is my favorite commercial, and I really can't find much fault with it (except I would definitely love it more if it featured a little girl of color or if there was a series of commercials that featured a bunch of different girls with more diversity, but I digress). 

4. Target Back to School Commercial 

This one is a tad older. Target's back to school commercials are always fun, but 2013's were particularly adorable. Watch this girl beat the boys: 

5. Lay's Commercial 

Last but not least, here is another girl making a grown man cry (well, he's not actually crying, but his ego is maybe crying).


While I totally acknowledge that 5 commercials are not enough to truly bring a hammer to patriarchy, and that these depictions of girls don't necessarily combat the many harmful stereotypes faced by girls, it is absolutely still worth noticing that girls are being shown as intelligent, sassy, and powerful in advertising-- a very influential medium. 

What about you? Have you noticed more smart girls in the media? Share your thoughts or any examples below! 

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