Ellen degeneres seems to always find ways to make me proud. Her role in queer visibility is undoubtedly important and those vests I mean, COME ON.


The comedian and talk show host is currently developing a new sitcom focused on a lesbian lead. Degeneres is teaming up with former Afterellen blogger, Liz Feldman. The show is supposedly a lesbian update on Will & Grace, but will it be well received?


The history of LGBT sitcoms ranges from nonexistent to unsuccessful.  The New Normal was a huge flop, but I’m hoping a strong queer female lead will hold America’s attention... and mine.


The success of Two Broke Girls may be a sign that we are ready for a sitcom that does things differently. I love the subtext, but I’m down for queerness to be actually represented in a sitcom, versus me fantasizing that it is.


Would you watch Ellen’s new sitcom?

Thanks Deadline Hollywood

Image via Examiner