Get ready to let the awwww’s flow because this tiny human is truly adorable! Last Friday, October 4th, dance teacher Tianne King and her daughter Heaven (such an appropriate name!) showcased their dance moves on The Ellen Show. The two became internet-famous back in May of this year when Tianne uploaded to YouTube a video of the duo dancing to Beyoncé’s “End of Time.” Here’s the original video of the two:

At the time of the video, Heaven was only two. Now at the ripe age of three, this little girl is making TV spots. When Ellen had a chance to talk to Heaven, she asked if she wants to be a dancer when she grows up. In response this precious ‘lil gem confidently said, “I am a dancer!”  

Let's all get her autograph now because Heaven is going to be a huge star! Check out Tianne and Heaven bustin’ some serious dance moves on Ellen’s show below.

Thanks to The Grio and YouTube (1, 2)