Lizzy Caplan On Getting Sexy and Partying Down

Ok, not gonna lie, but when I first heard that Lizzy Caplan was going to be in a show about sex, I squealed. I mean, her sex scenes in season one of True Blood made me utterly jealous, mainly because she was up close and personal with Ryan Kwanten. But a recent Vulture interview with Caplan helped me understand her new show, Masters of Sex, a bit further.

Masters of Sex, which premiered last night on Showtime at 10PM EST, centers on the highly revolutionizing sex research conducted by William Masters (played by Michael Sheen) and his research partner Virignia Johnson (Caplan). The pair originally came together simply because Masters needed a “woman’s touch,” and they ended up working together throughout the late 1950s. While Masters was a stern scientist, Johnson was a sexually independent mother of two (aka this paring was perfect).


When Vulture asked Caplan about M&J bumping uglies for “research” (!!!), the Mean Girls actress said that the “intimidation factor went away very quickly,” and that she and Sheen became very close friends over the course of filming. She also explained that she learned quite a bit about vaginal and clitoral orgasms, and the show’s sexually frank discussions reminded Caplan of her late mother, who encouraged Lizzy to ask her any questions she had about her body.  

Sheen and Caplan as Masters and Johnson

Caplan also commented her numerous nude scenes, in both True Blood and Masters of Sex. At first, on the set of True Blood, she felt scared, but then her worry seemed to go away. Her nudity felt “very empowering,” and said, “One would think that you’d feel maybe typically objectified as a woman, but it didn’t feel that way.” She also says that while she thought about how pertinent her nude scenes would be for Masters of Sex, she didn’t want that to prevent her from taking on someone’s life who was actually nude for research purposes.

Lastly, Caplan briefly talked about the ill-fated Party Down movie. While the cult comedy was canceled too soon, she says that there’s no update. As a devout viewer of this hilarious show, this makes me incredibly sad :'( 

While I can’t watch Caplan’s comedy genius on Party Down, I can’t refuse watching her get busy on Masters of Sex. The show has already got me hooked...and it just started!

Thanks to Vulture

Images via Vulture and NPR

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