Lena Dunham Plans to Stalk Kerry Washington (at the Emmys)

In anticipation of the upcoming red carpet gala, the Girls mastermind has had a few things to say about the HBO show's nominations. Just now finishing filming the third season of her hit show, (not that anybody's counting the days or anything...) Dunham revealed that she's most excited for co-star's Adam Driver's comedy nomination. Although she's received three noms herself, his gave her a "shriek-y, joyful, amazed sensation." Dunham stated, "It means so much to me. He's a serious man, so you're not going to see him shrieking any time, but watching him work over the last three years now has been one of the greatest gifts I've ever had."

When asked about the Emmys event itself, she drops some knowledge about what she's learned over the past year. "I get that you're not going to get a delicious filet mignon at the Emmys," she said. "You should probably bring some almonds and drink a tea beforehand. I'll also make a more clear list of people to stalk and harass, so I can hit them up systematically rather than flail around. Last year I did not do so well and ended up following Kerry Washington around for 10 hours without actually talking to her." D'aww. Lena reminds me of me back in high school that time I saw Jenny Lewis outside of the show she was playing. (Just picture lots of awkward eye contact and eventual mumbles of "Um...I love you?") And that's why we love Dunham, on and off the screen. (In case you forgot.) She's relatable, real, and genuine in every sense of the word.


She adds that she has plans to stalk the rest of the Scandal peeps, stars of the amazing Top of the Lake, and funny dude Louis C.K. The only problem now is what to wear, of course. "I have a lot of fantasies about what I'm going to wear that don't correspond to reality because the people in my life will stop me from doing it -- like the rabbit ears I'd like to wear to the Emmys," Dunham muses. I really love fashion, but I have not totally mastered what red carpet fashion means." One thing's for sure: we BUSTies will still love her, NMW. Rabbit ears and all.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Photos via Hollywood Reporter and SF Gate

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