TV Review: Orphan Black

By Sarah Fonder in TV

Ever since Lost went off the air a couple of years ago, we’ve been waiting for another WTF sci-fi mystery to keep us talking at the water cooler. Thankfully, BBC America’s original series Orphan Black could be just we’re looking for. The story follows Sarah (newcomer Tatiana Maslany), a delinquent foster kid who takes on the identity of Beth, a rich suicide victim who looks just like her. Sarah only plans to steal her doppelganger’s money to escape a vicious drug dealer, but she quickly discovers that Beth’s life is far messier than her own. As Sarah dives deep into a rabbit hole of corruption and conspiracy, she and the audience learn something new and terrible with every turn. Orphan Black doesn’t waste any time getting us comfortable in Sarah’s world, and the rapid-fire plotting really makes you wonder what’s at stake. Though the story often suffers from cheesy direction and less than subtle writing, this show is easily one of 2013’s most engrossing pilots yet. Orphan Black is a slick, deeply intriguing thriller with a lot of promise, and it’s a surefire step up from the one-dimensional world of CSI. Check it out on BBC America’s Supernatural Saturday at 9/8 Central and try not to get addicted.


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