Try Not To Cry Listening To You Me & Us’ Fuzzy New Noise-Pop EP

You Me & Us have a knack for making classic pop songs with a refreshingly rough edge. The Palm Springs, CA trio put a lo-fi spin on their signature noise-pop stylings to create their latest EP Stay Inside. Listening to the sweetly-sung, Jenny Lewis-esque vocals, distorted guitars, and reverb-filled melodies reminds me of a summer day spent lounging around because it's too hot outside and you'd rather just fuck around, listening to records. You'll find yourself "ooh"-ing along on "Bad Luck/Terrible Timing," where lead vocalist Carlee Hendrix serenades you with relatable lines like, "When we get together it's just all too exhausting." The 5-song EP is made up mostly of sad, shoegaze-y love songs that are just perfect in their simplicity. ("You signed up for this/ Well aware that you would rather stay inside" from "Freckles.") Check it out below!

Be on the lookout for You Me & Us visiting your town on their summer tour!

Photos by Kyle Hendrix

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