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In a time where the economy is in the dump and horrendous news stories keep popping up (15 year old gang rape outside school?!), there is a woman who is perking people up with her never-ending determination.

Lan Yin Tsai, 84, bikes 150 miles (in a straight shot) for multiple sclerosis research every year. Donning a dress and high heels, which is her normal biking outfit, Tsai is a staple at the annual City to Shore ride in New Jersey and is a symbol of hope and perseverance to all that attend.

Tsai's interest in MS began while working at a hospital 26 years ago. While massaging a patient with MS, which, until that point she had only been massaging cancer patients, Tsai learned of the ride and decided to give it a go.

Not only does Tsai participate in the ride, she's a popular member of her local chapter of the National MS Society, continues to practice shiatsu (which she learned in Japan), and runs her own massage business out of her basement.

To be 84 years old and be able to commit yourself to such a challenging feat (hey, I would be seriously hurtin' after that ride), as well as have the drive and energy to continue your own business, hell, this is a fine role model for all.


Photo courtesy of CNN Health

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