Although the definition of “feminist” is becoming more broad, there’s still a little bit of confusion about the term. And that’s totally apparent in the online quizzes that pop up if you google “Am I A Feminist?” So I was relieved to see a new take on the quiz, one that accepts all kinds of feminists! 


The quiz, entitled “Am I a F@cking Feminist?” asks one question: “I believe in the complete equality of men and women: Yes or No.” If you answer yes, you’re a feminist. The idea is great in that it doesn’t exclude or alienate people who might be hesitant to identify with feminism. 


While I greatly applaud this quiz, we must approach it keeping in mind that feminism has a rich history, one characterized in part by debate. It’s important to acknowledge the struggles of women who came before so that we might continue to explore the numerous nuances of the movement. I worry that things like this reductive quiz have the potential to erase decades of progress by tossing a nice little blanket over years of strife within the movement. It’s absolutely true that you’re a feminist if you believe in equality, but it’s also our responsibility to define and refine what exactly that means to us as individuals and as feminists. So with that in mind, I’m pleased to report the results of this quiz: I’m a feminist... and so is basically everyone I know. 



Thanks to Refinery 29 

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