This Just In: Baby Meerkats Rescued by Zoo (SFW)


Here at BUST, we strive to give you the latest in feminist news, pop culture, and, of course, baby animals. Because we all know the world would be a darker place without them.

Today we’ve got a whole new load of photos from my new favorite species. Meerkat siblings Fips and Luck were born on April 23 at Aachen Zoo in western Germany and were unfortunately rejected by their mother. The zoo staff has since been dedicated to the cuddly twosome as their adoptive family, and it seems that the road hasn’t always been easy.



According to German newspaper Aachener Zeitung, the babies had to be fed every two hours for the first eight days. Since then, the meerkats have been happy, healthy, and even have a new shack at the zoo complete with a pile of sand, a box, and a stuffed pony. I’m sure that’s every meerkat’s dream in meerkat world.



We’re wishing these two little fur balls a fun lifetime of wrestling, digging, and being their meerkitty selves. Check out the zoo’s Facebook for more information and photos.


Source: Aachener Zeitung, The Weather Channel.

Photos via The Weather Channel.

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