These Funny Dudes are Against Violence Against Women (Because DUH)

On Tuesday August 26th at 7pm, nine famous comedians will raise money and awareness to help fight violence against women. Because DUH!

Hosted by the Gotham Comedy Club in NYC, the event is presented by comedian Dean Obeidallah and global human rights group, Breakthrough. Obeidallah will perform alongside Todd Barry, Ted Alexandro, Wali Collins, Dean Edwards, Rob Paravonian and Ritch Duncan, Adam Wade and Pete Dominick.

The event is almost sold out so buy a ticket  (today!) and help these funny men take your money!!! This time, it's not just for laughs.

FYI: there is a two drink minimum and you must be 18+ to attend. 

Photos via unbouncepages.com, mpempire.com and jcuanew.wordpress.com.

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