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Playing Oct 9-19 at PS 122 in the East Village,
With her latest project, Waves of Mu, Utah-based maverick Amy Caron braves new terrain in multidisciplinary art—emphasis on multi. Created in collaboration with world-renowned neuroscientists, this two-room show offers an experiential understanding of mirror neurons – a monumental discovery that recently rocked the neuroscience field and spawned new areas of study.
In room one, the deliberately small audience is turned loose in their socks to explore a flashy wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling representation of neuroanatomy. A velvet floor tessellation, spectacular custom chandeliers, and surprising paintings, photography, and sculpture add to the room’s neurological intrigue, while the reverb of mutant-dub reggae brings a sense of playful disorientation. Next, the audience moves to room two - a proscenium setting with a curious set that extends into the audience. Between video, theatre, and movement sections, Caron assumes the role of scientist and places the audience in unexpected positions of observation. Without batting an eye, she combines hard science with experimental theories to challenge conventions, stun and incite – a powerful mode of education.
Names after the EEG oscillations that reflect mirror neuron activity, Waves of Mu (pronounced myew), wields an original format that cleverly fulfills Caron’s scheme to trigger the mirror neurons of the audience. Her work breaks the traditions of overly austere or dumbed down art-science presentations by reinvigorating the natural relationship between art and science with a contemporary flair.