The World Famous *BOB* Teaches Beauty Class!


The completely magical, fantastical drag and burlesque superstar The World Famous *BOB* is hosting an Onstage Beauty/Drag Basics class at the New York School of Burlesque tomorrow, Friday the 28th of August at 6:00 PM. The class will be super fun and informative. I have often coveted the stunning beauty and poise characteristic of drag stars (I myself never wear make-up), and now we can all have the chance to learn the secrets of the biz, like how to design flawless wigs and apply pesky false eyelashes!


Plus: proceeds from the event will go to a great cause. As part of Dixie Evans Week, earnings from the class will go towards giving the late burlesque superstar Dixie Evans the final resting place she deserves: a spot in Westwood Cemetery near the beloved Marilyn Monroe. 

Everyone is welcome to attend the class, and it’s going to be a blast. See you there!


Thanks to The World Famous *BOB*

Photo via The World Famous *BOB*

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