The Powerpuff Girls are Returning to TV!

My inner 5-year-old is screaming. The Powerpuff Girls is coming back to TV in 2016! This is no joke. This is not a drill. 

Yesterday, Cartoon Network confirmed that the Emmy award-winning show will be rebooted soon, bringing back one of the network’s top grossing shows of all time. This continues the trend of resurrecting many 90s classics for new audiences - Sailor Moon, Reading Rainbow, Girl Meets World, etc. 


Pete Yoder of Cartoon Network has described Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup as “the original ambassadors of girl power.” They were intelligent, fun and feisty - not damsels in distress. These girls’ ability to kick ass wasn’t hindered by their gender, which fully translated to the viewers. I remember having friends (who were boys) who were also fans of the show. We didn’t see it in terms of  “pink” or “blue” as kids - instead, it was just a really awesome show.


Currently, there are very few details about the upcoming project, including whether or not Craig McCracken (the show’s original creator) will be on board. Since the show is now stepping into the 21st century, hopefully we’ll see less whitewashing and some further stereotype smashing.

Meanwhile, I look forward to fighting with my friends over which Powerpuff girl I want to be - I totally call Buttercup. 

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