The GirlieGirl Army!

Girliegirl Army The GirlieGirl Army newsletter is kind of like your friend's older sister who wouldn't be caught dead in fur, knows who the hottest band is before they hit the airwaves, (and maybe even dated the drummer), and scours vintage stores like lunatics. The GirlieGirl Army is a crew of girls, (and guys!), who like cheap couture, pop culture, tasty vegan eats, feminism, and art happenstances. They get the word on what's hot before it hits your favorite blog. Trend spotting, animal rescue, and cupcake baking is as de rigueur for us as fundraising, scouring vintage stores, living gorgeously green, popping around the city on their Vespa's, and getting our belt buckles customized.


It's chockful of fashion, nightlife, music, political and entertainment news - not to mention castings, apartments, sales, and tips on everything from the best vitamins, recipes that rock, and the best spots to get Stella McCartney on the cheap. The newsletter goes out once a week - and you can choose which city you would like to be on.

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