The Best Rap Songs Concerning Early 20th Century Period Drama About Property Law You'll Ever Hear

I miss Downton Abbey so much already. It's gonna be AGES before it comes back and I'm pretty much inconsolable. I want to feel as infinite as the final minutes of the Christmas special made me feel every moment of my stupid life. Is that too much to ask??? Am I flying too close to the sun?

 Here are some songs Internet People wrote inspired by DT Abbs (wow I thought that would sound better than it did sorry.) I am listening to them on repeat as I slowly rock back and forth in my chair. 

 We posted about Miss Eaves at the beginning of her 6 song project and I'm proud to say she sang about our favorite show for her final week. 

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So cute and hilarious! I lost my shit when I saw the single ladies dancers in the background and I love the theme music.


Vulture posted this new video by Adam WarRock who boasts it's "the best rap song about an early 20th century period drama centered around property law that you'll ever hear."

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This guy is a genius! He has a ton of Parks and Rec songs on his YouTube channel, so I'm automatically a fan.

 These jams will help pass the time while I wait around for the third season. I can only watch Downton Tabby so many times, you know.* 

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*This is a lie. I can watch Downton Tabby forever. 

Image source Hooked on Houses

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