Terry Richardson's Still A Suspect; BuzzFeed Asks 25 Fashion Companies To Comment



We all know that Terry Richardson is an exploitative creep, who has had numerous major allegations of sexual misconduct made against him. Luckily, BuzzFeed took it upon themselves to do a little more investigating into his relationships with major fashion corporations he has worked for in the past. In an attempt to possibly unearth any further information regarding the several allegations, BuzzFeed asked 25 different fashion companies, "Will You Still Work With Terry Richardson?”

It came to no surprise that only two companies, Target and H&M, responded with a "no way José". The 23 other companies have replied with a "no comment" or have yet to respond.


We proudly commend BuzzFeed for their refusal to give up Richardson's perviness and a big round of applause to Target and H&M for indirectly reprimanding the photographer's actions.  


Images courtesy of BuzzFeed and Benjamin Kanarek Blog.

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