Tell Your Worst Date Story and Win A Pair of Free Dear Kate Underwear

Some dates are so seriously horrid, the only consolation is knowing you'll have an amazingly awkward/hilarious story to tell over drinks with your friends. If you've been there, Dear Kate wants to know. 

Dear Kate makes a new type of underwear for women with a built-in breathable lining that protects like a pantyliner! They come in many different cuts and styles, and are perfect for working out, or as backup to protect your new splurge-purchase sheets on those heavy flow nights (we've all been there). You can win a pair of these super-vagina-friendly undies by sending in your worst/best bad-date story in time for Valentine's Day!

Take a short video of you or your friends telling your absurdly bad date story, and send it to jenna@dearkates.com or tweet it to @dearkates with the hashtag #WorstDateEver by Wednesday, Feb. 12. Each girl featured in the Valentine's Day mashup video will get a free pair of underwear!

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